Tallinn Language School is the oldest and largest language learning centre among our hobby schools.

The Language Courses of Tallinn, the predecessor of Tallinn Language School, was founded on October 10, 1956. Then 592 students in 24 groups began learning English, German, French, Estonian and Russian. Finnish was first taught in 1961 and Swedish in 1968. Spanish has also been taught since 1968. In 1980 the Ministry on Education of the Estonian SSR issued a directive to include classes for schoolchildren. They were enabled to study more extensively the foreign language that they were learning in secondary school or start learning another foreign language.

First groups for preschool children started in 1998.

The present house of the Language School was built in 1913 for a girls’ primary school (The Private School of Ida Ollik) in the Kassisaba region of Tallinn. After the Second World War the building housed a hobby centre for engineering and later the Department of Education of the October district in Tallinn. Tallinn Language School has been working at 22 Endla Street since 1983. Before that our language groups worked in different schoolhouses mainly in the evenings and at weekends. Nowadays, the owner and holder of "Tallinn Language School" trademark, the most reputable name among language schools in Estonia, is Tallinn Language School Ltd., which also manages all Tallinn Language School activities.

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