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4283 Eesti keel algajatele A1 inglise keele baasil

Kursuse number4283
ÕpetajaMaarja Mänd
AegWed 16:30-18:00 (1×2 ac/h weekly)
Minimaalne õppijate arv4
LisainfoThe course ''Estonian A1 (Beginners)'' is suitable for you if you want to start learning the language from scratch - for instance, if you have not studied this language at all before, or if you learned it so long ago that even the basics have slipped your mind, and therefore you wish to systematically refresh your grammar and vocabulary foundations.

A1 level (consisting of A1.1 and A1.2 sub-levels) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is the very first or beginner level of language acquisition. By the end of the course, you will already understand everyday expressions and simpler phrases to manage in a language environment and basic communication situations. For instance, you will be able to introduce yourself and ask your conversation partners about themselves, as well as inquire about their or someone else's place of residence, acquaintances, and things, and respond to similar questions in return. Additionally, after completing the course, you will have acquired essential vocabulary needed for basic communication (such as names of food items, words related to the city space, etc.).

CEFR divides language proficiency levels into six main levels, A1-C2, which are further divided into sub-levels A1.1-C2.2, where A1.1 represents the beginner level and C2.2 stands for the highest possible language proficiency level. For detailed information and official CEFR documentation, see official CEFR website (in English, website opens in a new tab). You can also assess your language proficiency using the Council of Europe Self-Assessment Grid that is based on CEFR.

MINI-GROUP (from 4 to 8 students)

Tuition fee for private persons*: 745 Euros (special early bird fee 723 eurot) for the entire course (68 contact hours during the period 20.09.2023-29.05.2024).

  • Private persons* studying at Tallinn Language School can claim a personal income tax refund from Estonian Tax and Customs Board from the cost of the language course when submitting their income tax declaration.
  • Private persons* have the option to pay the tuition fee in several installments by indicating their choice in the payment field of the course registration form and making the tuition fee payments as follows:
    • payment in one installment: 745 Euros (special early bird fee: 743 Euros);
    • payment in two installments: 766 (= 2 × 383) Euros (special early bird fee: 744 = 2 × 372 Euros);
    • payment in three installments: 774 (= 3 × 258) Euros (special early bird fee: 753 = 3 × 251 Euros).
  • Special early bird course tuition fee is valid for the course registration until 01.09.2023 and payment of the invoice (full tuition fee or installment) before the first contact lesson of the course.
  • Additional discount for continuing students of Tallinn Language School is reflected on the invoice.

Course tuition fee for legal entities: 756 Euros + VAT for the entire course.

Course schedule and duration

  • The course takes place from 20.09.2023 to 29.05.2024, weekly on Wed 16:30-18:00 (1×2 ac/h per week).
  • The total duration of the course is 68 academic class hours. Every week there will be 2 academic hours of instructed learning.
  • Christmas holiday will take place from 25.12.2023 to 07.01.2024 and no classes will be held during that time.

Additional course information

  • Registration for the course is open until the group is fully booked.
  • The cost of study materials is not included in the course price.


* A student is considered as a private person if s/he participates in language classes (including distance learning) or individual lessons and pays the language course tuition fee as a private person. In exceptional cases, another private person may pay the tuition fee on behalf of the student.

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