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TURGUT CAN DEMIRAL, türgi keele õpetaja inglise keele baasil

I majored Bachelor’s International Relations and European Union studies at Izmir University of Economics, İzmir, Turkey and then I completed my Master’s degree in the same field at Tallinn University in 2015. I have served in the Estonian Atlantic Association as well (Eesti NATO Ühing).

As a teacher, I have been teaching Turkish language to Estonians and Russians in Tallinn based on group and private courses for more than three years. I had also taken a leading role in the various projects, seminars and events organized with the Turkish language department of the Tallinn University and the Embassy of Turkey in Tallinn so as to introduce Turkish language, history and culture for Estonian people. In the meantime, I have also been improving my Estonian language skills.

For me, teaching is a great passion and the source of motivation to be beneficial to other people. As an open-minded person, I do like interacting with those coming from different backgrounds and origins by generating a mutual cultural network as well as learning environment. Also, as a fan of Estonia and Estonian culture, I do also enjoy having more Estonian friends who are interested in Turkish language and culture. It really makes me glad.

As a teacher, I always tend to establish an effective communication with my learner friends by focusing on what they need or what they aim to achieve in learning Turkish. For this, I try to make the class an interactive and participative open place to be for all. It is why, I myself have adopted the ‘leading in learning’ method as my main teaching reference. Teaching is the best way for learning, so I always regard my students as my teachers as well.


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